I take Privacy very seriously, yours and mine.

While the website itself may or may not collect personal information (to which I have no access), I do not collect any of your private data on my site.

If you sign up for the newsletter, the only information I collect is the email you use to sign up–names aren’t necessary.

Please be aware that if you sign up with an email address that you have attached a name to, it may share it with the requesting application. At the time of writing this policy, I do not currently request a name but if a field is available, it is entirely voluntary and should not prevent you from signing up for the free newsletter. If there is an issue, please contact me at

I NEVER share nor sell the information you provide with anyone. Period. I consider it quite disgusting to sell other peoples’ contact info, and respect that you’ve entrusted me with it so I shall not abuse it.

If you contact me and include your name, I may respond to you with the name you provided. (I know, I know, seems like it’s obvious, but you never know…). If you correspond and something you mention or ask would go into a newsletter/blog, I would keep the contact information out of the newsletter or blog or secure your permission before including it.