I’m T. R. Neff, or “Torrie” to my friends. (I bet you can imagine the colorful names my enemies–if I have any–call me!)

I wear a lot of hats (and tool belts!) because I am:

  • A believer in my Savior, Jesus Christ
  • An American (with a broad tapestry of ancestry)
  • A U. S. Navy veteran (aircraft mechanic–go Ground-Pounders!)
  • A writer of various genres (of course, that’s what you’re here for)
  • A voracious reader and book collector
  • Drawing, painting (both physical–I prefer oils–and digital) and stained glass artist
  • A leatherworker
  • A woodworker/carpenter
  • A seamstress (I’ve made my own clothes, costumes for Ren Faire, as well as quilts and other practical household things)
  • A gardener (nothing like making bean soup from the beans and peppers grown right in my own garden!)
  • A gamer (good old fashioned pen and paper RPGs and those new-fangled video games)
  • Pup- and cat- and chicken-mom

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