Shame on Me!

How long has it been? Looks like it’s been over two years since my last post. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy – I’ve knocked out two NaNoWriMos and multiple short stories. Not that I have them ready for publishing,  but like any good mushroom, it generally starts out in a mire of crap and only after careful cultivation in the dark is it a delicious delicacy to be added to the table.

Among the products percolating are*:


Hawkblood (Dark Fantasy)

Moondark (more Dark Fantasy)

A Bone To Pick (An Ennid the Havoc adventure of humorous supernatural fantasy)

SHARC (novella)


Short Stories:

Snakemouth (Weird Horror Fantasy)

Undying Legacy (yes, a fan fiction homage to Undying, which will probably be published here unless I find a good fan site and they agree to post)

SHARC Shorts (flash fiction stories)

*All of these are working titles.



Light of Liberty (historical fiction that is taking some *ahem* liberties…)


So I’ve been busy. And I hope to be here more often and more regular.

But if I don’t post again before next week –


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T. R. Neff

Victoria “Torrie” R. Neff still pretends to be something other than a writer. She’s been (among many things) a paper girl, an aircraft mechanic in the U. S. Navy, a tattoo artist, an IT Tech and an Administrative Assistant, frequently wearing several “hats” at once. Currently, she resides in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania but may be spotted as far south as Virginia Beach, VA. Just pray you don’t run into her in the wild; she may attack you with deadly stories that branch into endless, entangling tangents.