Shame on Me!

How long has it been? Looks like it’s been over two years since my last post. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy – I’ve knocked out two NaNoWriMos and multiple short stories. Not that I have them ready for publishing,  but like any good mushroom, it generally starts out in a mire of crap and only after careful cultivation in the dark is it a delicious delicacy to be added to the table.

Among the products percolating are*:


Hawkblood (Dark Fantasy)

Moondark (more Dark Fantasy)

A Bone To Pick (An Ennid the Havoc adventure of humorous supernatural fantasy)

SHARC (novella)


Short Stories:

Snakemouth (Weird Horror Fantasy)

Undying Legacy (yes, a fan fiction homage to Undying, which will probably be published here unless I find a good fan site and they agree to post)

SHARC Shorts (flash fiction stories)

*All of these are working titles.



Light of Liberty (historical fiction that is taking some *ahem* liberties…)


So I’ve been busy. And I hope to be here more often and more regular.

But if I don’t post again before next week –