Imagination Running Amok


What do you love?

Sarcasm, dry and occasionally off-color humor, and a love of rollicking adventure.

Heroes and Heroines who are not perfect (physically or emotionally) but whose sense of right and wrong helps them overcome and carry on.

Endings which are not always happy, but are bittersweet in the struggle.

Journeys as fulfilling as the destination.

People who realize there is a morality, a right and a wrong, and find themselves rooting for the good guys (and trying to not have too much guilty pleasure over watching the bad guy get their comeuppance).

New worlds, whether they are futures where high technology reigns, or where the technology splits the thin, thin thread between civilization and anarchy, or those which never were, where animals and creatures are never what they at first seem to be, or where demons and angels never deign to interfere with the likes of mortal man, unless you happen to be one (un)lucky gladiator-for-hire.

Stories that can defy genres. Want a mystery set in a nuclear apocalypse? A fantasy based on Roman instead of medieval history? Martial artists struggling in a world with pirates, angels and demons?

Sit back.  Relax.

You’re in my universe now.