DARK TENDRILS – Lovecraftian Horror

Immerse yourself in the same writhing miasma that birthed all things Cthulhu

BROKEN TOASTER – Post-Apocalyptic

Steeped in the darkness surrounding the end of civilization, Broken Toaster dares to take you beyond the margins with stories exploring the remains of a shattered worlds.

GLOWING HELIX – Hard Sci-Fi/Noir

Crossing the spectrum from the raw, filth-ridden mean streets to the highest penthouses wrapped in a neon glow, the gritty Sci-Fi Noir is sure to draw you in.

CELESTIAL BODIES – Science Fiction Romance

Our first foray into the realm of romance that shoots for (and in between) the stars.

BATTLE RHINO – Alternate Fantasy

Looking for fantasy with an other-than-medieval society? Battle Rhino has you covered with Roman-flavored fantasy.

Adventures of Ennid the Havoc

PIRATE WINGS – Humorous Fantasy

Looking for a bit more humor in the fantasy department? Pirate Wings to the rescue.

AETHER-POWERED – Steampunk and Gaslamp Fantasy

Get your goggles and start up your airship! Aether-Powered brings you the steam for your punk!